Lift Truck Repair

Service and Maintenance

We offer a variety of service packages tailored to your requirements from emergency repairs to preventative maintenance programs through to our full maintenance packages.

Our factory trained, professional service technicians understand that keeping your equipment running is the most important thing to you, the customer. As well, our customer service department is there to support both the technician and you with clear and concise invoicing and written reports on your equipment.

Service Packages

With our knowledge of fork trucks we understand that having regular Preventative Maintenance done on the machine ensures minimum “down time” and safe equipment. We also understand that not every PM is the same and we provide our customers with the appropriate PM for the usage of the machine.

We also provide PM’s and Safeties for all Dock equipment.

Basic PM Package

We will provide the right PM for your make of fork truck and set it up based on the frequency that you require, based on the manufacturers recommendations. This package is on a time and material basis. We will also ensure that you are advised of any safety issues based on the Ministry of Labour guidelines.

PM Plus Package

This package provides the PM on a regular basis and includes your annual safety inspection free of charge. This package is based on a set price for labour plus all material. This package is tailored to you, the customer and is set up based upon the usage of your fork truck.

Full Maintenance Package

The full maintenance package is ideal if you do not want to worry about any “surprise” repair costs with your fork truck. All repairs required to your fork truck are covered by the monthly fee that is set up at the inception of the contract. This ensures that your truck is running to its optimum ability and is safe at all times.

Safety Inspection Service

All lifting devices are required by law to have an annual safety inspection. We will provide this for a set fee and you will be advised of any repairs required to complete this annual inspection. Once your first safety is done and completed we will ensure that we schedule this service for you annually so that there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Dock Service

We will provide regular PM’s and Safeties for all dock equipment to ensure that this equipment is working safely and efficiently.

Please contact us to find out more about our different service packages and let us help you identify the best program for you.

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