About Us

Hansler Industries Ltd. had its beginnings in Peterborough, Ontario as Hansler Supply Company in 1953. It was a machine and supply company. In 1955 they opened a branch in Brockville, Ontario and by 1967 they had received the exclusive import rights to the French manufactured PEG forklift trucks. This was the birth of Hansler Industries as we know it today. There have been several milestones along the way:

  • 1969 – Received the Baker forklift truck line for Eastern Ontario
  • 1977 – IEC Holden was purchased in Toronto making Hansler the exclusive Baker dealer for all of Ontario
  • 1977 – Baker Material Handling was purchased by Linde
  • 1988 – Ross Equipment Limited was purchased from Perry Ross in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 2000 – Linde purchased back the North American right to their name from Union Carbide

The Hansler group of companies now represents the Linde line of forklift trucks in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.

The Linde brand name has been synonymous with quality for over 70 years. We at Hansler Industries Ltd. believe that your careful consideration of Linde equipment should not stop with the unique features, reliability and productivity that are the cornerstone of Linde’s reputation for quality. When you consider the value of your equipment based on the unmatched quality and lowered lifetime costs, you should also consider the after sale support only Hansler can provide.

The proprietary and unique features that make Linde the market leader in quality and longevity should not be taken for granted as being able to be maintained by technicians not experienced and trained in this product. Our technicians are factory trained and have years of experience with the Linde product. Linde forklift trucks are all they work on. We have over 30 technicians with hundreds of combined years of Linde specific experience.

We do not stop at providing the utmost in service. Our parts department is well stocked and well staffed. Our professional parts staff has over 100 years of Linde parts experience for you to draw on. We have over 2,500 Linde specific parts in 6 locations worth over $2 million. This ensures that our professionals can maintain the level of service you expect and receive when you purchase the finest material handling equipment in the world… Linde.

Trusted Experts In Material Handling Equipment For Over 50 Years.